Self build chair from wood and rope

Being a scout from a young age allowed me to learn a lot of skills that children outside of scouting do not learn. For example; how to read a map, how built a fire, how to saw and chop wood and how to built structures from only wood and rope. Some of these skills are used outside of scouting, but the technique of lashing is only seen in scouting. In my project I take that technique and apply it to an everyday object. It results in a flat pack chair that you can built and rebuilt. Nowadays scouting is seen as something for nerds and things that we do and make are rough. I want to show the beauty of scouting and bring it to people’s homes to hopefully improve it’s image.

June 2017

This project will be exhibited during Dutch Design Week 2017 in Eindhoven
21 okt – 28 okt  –  Graduation Show at the Design Academy