About Daantje


I am a multidisciplinair designer with a big interest in marketing and communication, next to that I have the ability to organize. My strength lays in designing the complete picture. I not only design a product, or a concept, but also film, photography, print work, a website, what is necessary to communicate the message and tell the whole story. 

My vision
Design should be accessible for everyone. I believe design should be clear, it should not need too much explanation. I want people to understand each other. When I see miscommunication I feel the urge to help out, to be an information translator.
I want to understand, that is why I analyse. Starting a project with an analysis makes sure I focus on the right part of the problem.
I want to be fair, in balance. I look at situations from both sides and don’t draw conclusions too quickly. I work hard and try to evaluate as much as possible.
I want to be ingenious, make smart designs and come up with renewing concepts.


feb 2016 – jun 2016 INTERNSHIP | Iceland Design Centre | DesignMarch | Reykjavik, Iceland
2012-2017 DESIGN ACADEMY EINDHOVEN | Bachelor | Man & Mobility department
2011-2012 SCHOOL OF THE ARTS UTRECHT | Foundation year | product design
2004-2011 BAUDARTIUS COLLEGE ZUTPHEN | VWO, Nature & Health | Nature & Technology | Arts & Culture program