Creative thinking workshop

One of the most important skills for the future is creativity, if not the most important. In our core, we are all creative, but, as we get older, creativity makes place for knowledge. To keep creative, we can train it, and we should. Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, so it is split up in four groups (social, technical, emotional and cognitive creativity). ‘The light bulb project’ is a workshop day on which children explore their type creativity, learn about it and how to apply it.

Everything needed for the workshop is in this suitcase. Through a number of videos the exercises are explained to the children. This way the workshop is ready to use by the teacher. Go to video’s

August 2017

This project will be exhibited during Dutch Design Week 2017 in Eindhoven
21 okt – 28 okt  –  See YA, Dude! Expo at the Student Hotel